• Time for change – Food for Thought

    Posted on 09/01/2014 by TheHolisticAge in Food For Thought, Inspiration and Motivation.

    Time for change

    When you are not satisfied with your life or aspects of it, it is time for action to change. No matter how small or insignificant you think your problem is. When it is something that bothers you, give it your attention to work on change.

    Despite the fear of change – change!

    When time for change knocks on your door, it does not mean you are not afraid of what may change and how much it affects everything and everyone in your life. It means that despite all fear your head produces to stop you from exploring different options, you do it.

    Your belief systems are your friends

    Reviewing your belief systems does not mean judging them as good or bad. Until the moment you begin questioning them they have served you well. It only means the moment you begin questioning them, time has come for review. When you reach to the conclusion that a specific belief pattern is no longer helpful in living the life you want, let it go with love and adopt a new one suiting the life you want to live.

    Time for change – from Head to Heart

    It is one thing to know in your head what and how you think about yourself. When you go through change, make sure that what you change in your mind also arrives in your heart. The one thing is agreeing to a change being logically correct. The other thing is letting this belief arrive in your heart. Not because in your heart you naturally believe you don´t deserve the best life you can imagine for yourself, but because you gradually integrated those beliefs brought to you by your parents, friends, systems, media…

    Set out for the new adventure changing your life to be what YOU want it to be as it is YOUR time for change.

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