Reiki holidays in Cyprus




Get Your Reik degree during your Reiki holidays



What is Reiki?

Reiki got known as hands-on-healing technique. People look for Reiki to get healing or to become healers themselves.
The meaning of Reiki is – universal life-force energy – so with this translation of the Japanese word you learned an essential information – everything is Reiki.

So why to get a Reiki degree then?

The knowing of that fact does not necessarily mean that we know how to work with it. Your decision to attain a Reiki degree is your decision to start walking on a path that allows you to understand the energy you are and how to work with it. It is your decision that you want to change something in your life, and through this personal change your environment will change with it.

Who decides to get a Reiki training with me will gain this basic understanding, that Healing through hands-on-healing is one part, personal healing through reflection within will however get our attention in the training part. Who heals himself – heals the world around him.

What happens when we apply Reiki?

The moment you consciously begin working with Reiki, you can support healing of physical diseases. When you are in medical care you can aid your healing through applying Reiki. When you are troubled, you can work with Reiki do release blockages. You work with Reik also to get to know yourself from a new side in full acceptance of your being. You will expand your awareness and understanding of the meaning of ALL-IS-ONE and can so open to live in harmony with nature and trust the flow of life.

Reiki holidays in Cyprus – Get your Reiki Degree while you relax

Combine relaxation of body and mind with personal development during your holiday in Cyprus – the Island of Gods. The traditional village TOCHNI offers tranquil energy through its location in between the soft hills on the costal area between Larnaca and Limassol.

What will happen with you during your vacation?

Depending on the Reiki degree you booked for your training you will be attuned to the first or next vibrational level on your path, as our energy vibration changes with our growth of awareness. In this new wave we begin with the work, entering a new layer of self discovery and personal development. You will learn to understand your energy and how to work with it, depending on the vibrational level you exist. You go back home with a package that allows you to look at your day-to-day life with new perspective and with tools added for you to use which support you on your enhanced path of acceptance of being.

Dates in 2015 for Reiki training:

15. – 21. June
07. – 13. September
28. September – 04. October
09. – 15. November

In case none of those dates fit to your holiday schedule or you prefer to get your Reiki degree in a private training, please contact me to arrange your personal dates and training program.

What you get for your money?

• Reiki Manual for the 1st or 2nd degree of USUI REIKI
• Initiation to your new Reiki level
• 4 meetings for 2 hours each to go through the material and practice. Max. group size 6 persons
• One excursion to the beautiful herb garden in Avgorou village, where we meditate and practice Reiki in nature
• We work on one specific theme of your choice that you wish to clear
• 2 Encaustic cards (one before the start and one after completion of training)
• Reiki Zertificate of the USUI SHIKI RYOHO Method of natural healing for your achieved level
• Life-long Email consultation in connection with questions of the degree attained with me
• The opportunity for personal consultations and coaching per Skype.with special rates for my Reiki students.

How much does the package cost?

€300.00 per person *)

Your booking is confirmed upon receipt of the full payment by bank transfer or Paypal

*) This price applies when you book your accommodation in Tochni, Kalavassos, Maroni, Zygi or Governors Beach
In case you prefer to book your accommodation in another area of Cyprus, please consult me first to find out additional charges and changes in the program timing.

Not included Accommodation, Airport transfers and or rental car. I can easily arrange your airport transfer or car hire at additional charge depending on your preference. If you wish to not hassle with those arrangements, please contact me.

Your accommodation you can book directly here:

You are welcome to book even if you do not wish to join the program!

You wish to rent a car, there are many options

You can book the following additional services:

– Transfer from/to airport
– Car rental
– Bike Tours
– Horseback riding
– Sightseeing Tours
– Encaustic Art workshops
– Individual sessions for Holistic Coaching
– Holistic Pulsing Session
– Reiki Treatment

Training for Reiki Master degrees (3A and 3B) can be arranged upon request


Who am I?

My name is Angela and I will be walking with you during this week on your path of growing awareness and personal development. In my experience working with people in their search for answers highlighted more and more the simplicity of being.

We will work together on your journey to access your wisdom, personal power and the opening of your heart to acceptance of what is.

I look forward to meet you and to having the privilege walking with you in this interesting segment of your life.