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Pulse with your heart beat!

Date of the training course: 09. – 11. October 2015


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We live in a world that seems to spin faster and faster; in which performance, adaptability and constant change are required from us. This stress often triggers in us insecurities, fears and helplessness towards life situations. Caught in a downward spiral in which we find no way out ourselves, we begin searching for possible ways how to get out of this spiral.
One very gentle, loving and deeply relaxing possibility for reorientation is offered by the Holistic Pulsing technique.

What is Holistic Pulsing?

Holistic Pulsing is a body-oriented relaxation technique. The whole body is set into vibration through applying gentle rocking and pulsing movements. The special frequency of those movements releases tension and blockages in the physical as well as emotional body.
This very easy to learn method lets us feel safe, secure and rooted. With the help of Holistic Pulsing we recognize those feelings deep within. Trough Holistic Pulsing we get strengthened and develop trust which allows us to open freely to new situations.

Why could Holistic Pulsing be interesting for you?
Holistic Pulsing is based on a very natural form of vibration and pulsation. Mothers apply those rocking movements when comforting their babies. The frequency which we pulse in corresponds to the rhythm of our planet and the heart beat of a fetus and is rooted deep within us – is our origin. This vibration leads us back to deep harmony with ourselves, others and our environment.
Over time we forgot using those vibrations. With this form of body work we receive the opportunity to remember. We recall our inner strength, skills, our inner nature of being and our inner self.


What can Holistic Pulsing do for you?

• Zest for life
• Power
• Can release anxiety, chronic tension, repressed problems
• Discover or remember creative skills
• Relationship and family problems or problems with children can be suddenly dis-solved through new approaches
• Inner and outer harmony
• Increased concentration ability
• The human returns to the core
• Feelings of basic trust, being loved develop
• Deep relaxation
• Relation to yourself will be established in a loving way
• Flexibility
• New orientation

Holistic Pulsing (HP) enriches your life in many ways. The philosophy of HP is that every single Being arrives on this planet with everything it needs to master its tasks. The human possesses the additional wisdom that he is good and beautiful.

Everything in his life, no matter if positive or negative develops in a way that he can grow with it. With loving gentle rocking and pulsing movements, your whole Being is set into vibration and animates your cell memory. This way you can remember what skills and powers you possess and how you can use them in a constructive way.

HP is a technique which in a very gentle and protecting way releases blockages and invites you to let go of the old and welcome the new. This method is so gentle that we vibrate with this energy and let go of the inner fight and develop peace of mind. She also encourages us to encounter new life situations with positive attitude.
HP is suitable for everyone, especially elderly, children and pregnant women benefit from this wonderful method.

Herzpulsen-redThe Method

We receive a Holistic Pulsing session by lying fully clothed on a massage table and we can relax either face-up, face-down or in the side position, listening to special calming background music.
The Holistic Pulsing giver (Pulser) applies hand positions on different areas of the body, for example hips and with gentle and vibrating or rocking movements the body is set into vibration. The movements are applied in a frequency of 120-140 beats per minute. This frequency enables an extremely deep state of relaxation in which we allow on one hand to let go off and the other to receive who we truly are.
There are app. 64 different hand positions. The Pulser applies throughout the session gentle and vibrating movements in areas of the body using his intuition. You feel a deep state of calmness and complete release. After gentle ending of the session through the Pulser you remain for a while in your position and can still feel the vibration in your body. One treatment session has duration of app 60 minutes.
The level of relaxation that you obtain is so subtle, that blockages are released and new power can be gained.

What will you learn?

In this course we will learn the basics of Holistic Pulsing. We start with consciously recognizing our body and soul in a loving way.
Course coverage:
1. Basic terminology and principles of HP
2. Learning of basic grips in face-up, face-down and side position
3. Practice on each other
4. Paths to remove blockages
5. Holistic Pulsing session with a current theme in your life that you wish to clear

Claudia-PortraitWho will facilitate this workshop?

It is with great pleasure to announce that a wonderful lady and my trainer for my final HP levels has agreed to visit Cyprus and to offer this first level workshop for Body Pulsing in cooperation with me.
Claudia Löw was born 1970 in Krefeld, Germany and now lives with her two children and husband in Bavaria.
For 21 years she is engaged in alternative healing methods such as shamanism, Reiki, family constellations and especially with Holistic Pulsing. Since 2001 Pulsing takes a special position in her life and work because this method can in a very gentle and loving way lead to positive changes in life.
8 years ago she founded “Urwege” in Pocking, Germany, where she offers individual sessions, workshops and training classes not only in the shamanic field but also for Reiki, family constellation and holistic pulsing.


Where will it be?

We will have our accommodation in Cyprus Villages Apartments in Tochni, close to the beautiful Governor´s Beach coast. The staff will make us feel welcome and the traditional and very tasty food that we can enjoy with our half board arrangement adds to the well-being.
The apartments are newly renovated stone houses in the traditional architecture of Cyprus, furnished with traditional furniture. They offer all modern amenities such as A/C, central heating and modern bathrooms. The lovely village Tochni is situated app. 30 km from Larnaka airport direction Limassol.
The tavern is known by tourists as well as locals for its excellent food (also vegetarian). Your eyes gaze from the terrace across the village towards the coast. The next sandy beach is Governor´s Beach app. 10 minutes by car. When you wish to exercise you have the opportunity to rent a bike and discover the beach by yourself. Part of the complex is however also a lovely pool which brings refreshment and the opportunity for moving in the ease of the water.

Date of the workshop: 09. – 11.  October 2015

Cost: 426 € per person for 2 nights in DBL, HB
38 € Single supplement
What is covered in the package price?
The price per person covers 2 nights on HB basis in Cyprus Villages, Tochni, workbook, and certificate.




SGL room: 2 bedroom apartment for 2 persons with private bathroom, one shared kitchen

DBL room: 1 bedroom apartment for 2 persons with private bathroom and kitchen


Payment and cancellation fees:

Full payment is required at time of booking, either by bank transfer or cash (no checks).
In case of cancellation until 2 months prior to the workshop, the payment will be refunded in full.
Until one month prior to the workshop 30% cancellation fees apply and less than one month prior to the workshop there will be no refund.
Should you have further inquiries, please contact us per Email: angela@TheHolisticAge.com or per phone: Germany +49 (0) 160 94 10 40 29 and Cyprus +357 99494372.