Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual Journeys

Welcome to the Holistic Holidays – Spiritual Journeys page!

I am happy you found my page in your search for a unique holiday – retreat or individual excursions with spiritual themes. Spiritual Journeys – Holistic holidays aim at satisfying body, mind and spirit.

The main focus during your spiritual journeys will be on feeling great and relaxation, it will however also – and this is where it is different from normal vacations – focus on the long term well-being of body, mind and spirit. We will together journey collecting new insights and adding experiences that lead us to remembering who we are.

Whether you wish to focus on enhancing your physical well-being, work on balancing your emotional states or enhance your spiritual viewpoints – you found the right place.


These holistic holiday packages, weekend retreats and/or daily excursions are directed to those who make it their task learning more about who they are. You feel that you are ready to walk on new paths and wish to understand what limitations you put on yourself and which fears lead you so that you can overcome all obstacles and open up to your limitless potential.

When this is what you look for – you found the right place!