• Spiritual Journey to Drymou – Cave and healing stones

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    Healing Stones and a Spiritual Journey to a Cave in Drymou Village

    Drymou viewWell, I was asked this summer to organize a workshop over healing stones and if possibly to do it in the most nature related way. So, why not, what we needed was a small group, a set of 7 chakra stones and a place, where stones feel like home. In August 2014 was my second time going to the cave of Drymou for a meditation and batteries re-charge. I love this place, is so peaceful, ancients and powerful. Let me tell you more about the village first. Drymou is located 32 km from Paphos and close to Polis.

    You can choose this place for many reasons: it is 520 meters above sea level and so there is very little humidity even in hot summer day in August. The village has a spectacular mountain view as it borders forest that stretch all the way up to the Troodos mountains. Turn the other way around and there is free fantastic sea view – provided you are on a high point.

    We had an easy drive to Paphos and after that to the villages, two cars with 6 participants. I loved the group  – colorful, thoughtful and very enthusiastic people. I was happy to introduce them to the healing stones and to share together a very strong meditation within a healing circle created upon request by one of the members and agreed by the group.

    So, one of the main reasons we went there was a small but ancient cave with a big hole in the center and deep running underground network. This place is so powerful and the acoustic that comes from inside is amazing, like you are in a temple.

    Meditation with Singing Bowl

    We had a meditation with singing bowl, as every sound of the bowl was magnified by the echo and resonated deep inside our bodies. That was a really unique experience. Second part of our work was to pick an individual healing stone. When you in the heart of the mountain, stones speak very clear and bring immediate answers to questions on emotional, spiritual and substantial level.

    Spiritual Journey meets Tradition

    We were specifically lucky this day as we had the chance to meet two women of this quiet village who were in the process of cutting “Trachana” peaces to sun dry. For those of you who do not know it, it is a local delicacy soup made from cracked wheat and soured goat’s milk. When cooked it serves well with cubes of Halloumi in it.

    Click to watch the video posted by WonderfulCyprus.

    Here are the Chakra healing stones we used and which chakra they represent:

    Spiritual Journey - Drymou

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