• Smile is contagious

    Posted on 29/08/2014 by TheHolisticAge in Food For Thought, Inspiration and Motivation, Short Blog.

    Your smile is contagious

    It costs nothing but your smile

    It is one of the easiest ways to spread happiness, good feeling, positive attitude and changing the world to being a better place.

    It needs nothing but your smile to do all that as with each smile you send into the world you are changing someones life in a split of a second. Whoever you reach with your smile has already a better day. Whoever you reach with your smile will feel some warmth spreading from inside out and can pass it on easy.

    Do it – start an experiment and be conscious about the reaction of people who you meet with your smile.

    You can change from Good 2 Great in one smile!

    Begin with yourself

    One thing I like to remind you about is – do not forget to sending it also to yourself. The spreading of it happens effortless as it begins reflecting from the inside out.

    Even when you are living through a challenging time – remind yourself to keep your smile as it does support you in stepping into the needed distance for finding a solution. It is one simple tool that in all its simplicity has enormous effect. The good feeling created in you relaxes your mind and can help silence your thoughts. It helps you seeing the positive and out of that all you experience becomes a different meaning. There are only benefits when you step through the door into the room of good feeling. Any challenges turn into manageable tasks and you carry the key to unlock the door to this room – it is your smile.

    Enjoy your experiment, enjoy your day, enjoy your weekend, enjoy your life!

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