Reiki training path

Reiki Training

Everybody possesses the Reiki energy. We have simply forgotten how to use it…

I hold Reiki training classes for both groups and individuals.

Traditionally, Reiki Training Classes are set up on 3 levels:

  • Reiki I – An introduction to Reiki with all the basics and hand positions for self-healing. You learn to understand the energy you are
  • Reiki II – At this level, you enhance your skills and deepen your energy flow. You feel comfortable with the power you are and fearless of sharing it with your world.
  • Reiki III A – The Master level for fine-tuning of the energy. You step more and more into the living of the “I AM”.
  • Reiki IIIB – Teacher level – for all those who in the process feel a definite wish to pass on their experience and philosophy gained to other people.

Course Information:

Reiki I and II are taught in a group situation but can also be arranged on one-to-one teaching. Group classes comprise one weekend workshop, followed by a 3-week gap for self-healing and a final half-day follow-up session. One-to-one teaching can also be arranged flexible in timing.

Students who decide to progress from Reiki I to Reiki II can take as long as they like between courses. Some people feel to move very swiftly from Reiki I to Reiki II, while others feel more comfortable to wait. It is a purely individual decision that YOU take in discussion with me to let you feel safe about your decision.

Reiki III, the Master level, is very different. This course is conducted on a one-to-one basis only and the time frame varies according to the individual student. On completion of the Master level (Reiki III A), students can decide whether or not they wish to qualify to teach others. If so, they can progress to Reiki III B, which includes all the initiations necessary for teaching.

The Universal Life Force Energy is everywhere. Learn how to use it in your daily life to heal yourself and others.

NEW – Online Reiki Training available!

A combination of Email and Skype sessions. Contact me for more details if interested in distant training with the personal touch.

Whether interested in life or online training – please contact me for details of your level of interest as well as for a personal or Skype meeting to get to know me. That helps us to decide if we are meant working together.

USUI Reiki Certificate



When you decide training with me, you will receive a certificate and for the Masters with me also the Lineage confirmation.