Reiki Rock Pulse


Reiki Rock Pulseangela2

(or RRP for short) is a technique I developed during the years I was working with Reiki and Holistic Pulsing. It combines the effects of both these methods: the still workings of the Reiki energy and the vibrational movements of Holistic Pulsing.


The movements enable the body to “swing down” to the level of the individual cell and, in the process, the body falls into a state of deep relaxation. The sensation is like floating on a gentle wave in a calm sea. You will feel safe and soothed as the gentle swinging and rocking motion moves through your entire being. As the physical, mental and emotional levels become synchronized it works its swing and rock throughout the whole being. so the Reiki energy is then able to flow freely and easily to its destination.

The intensity of everything you would experience in a regular Reiki or Holistic Pulsing session is increased by combining them. The result is a deeply satisfying experience, giving the feeling of a perfect, whole and complete treatment.

What can Reiki Rock Pulse do for you?

Through its very gentle approach, you can address many issues, not only directly but also indirectly, as it has the capability to dis-solve issues without the need to give them any specific attention.

Some of the benefits may be:

Relaxation at a deep level
Stress relief
Dealing with anxiety
Aiding recovery from illness
Finding new approaches to dis-solve problems
Learning more about yourself and your needs
Working on fear issues
and many more…

What happens in a Reiki Rock Pulse session?

As you will be treated while fully clothed, you are advised to wear comfortable clothes. You will position yourself on your back, face down or on your side on the treatment table. Starting from the hips, the practitioner will move his/her hands systematically over the whole body, working all the way down your legs and all the way up to your head. You will feel a soft, gentle rocking sensation and you may experience heat or tingling in different parts of the body at different times during the treatment.

It is also possible that you will doze off, simply because the relaxation effect is so strong. Should this happen the benefits of the treatment will in no way be diminished.

A session generally takes from 45 minutes to an hour.

How to learn Reiki Rock Pulse?

It is a combination of Reiki and Holistic Pulsing. You will go through the different levels of both techniques in your own space and time and your own combination of it. Just like in the individual training of Reiki or Holistic Pulsing, you choose up to which level you wish to step and if you want to use it for yourself, family and friends or also work with it professionally.