Reiki for Animals

Reiki for animals

Reiki – universal life force energy not only works for humans, it also works for animals and plants.
Animals unlike humans have no suspicious mind, they simply feel and are usually drawn to the energy. It comes naturally to them, knowing it is something that does something good.


Reiki for animalsPersonal case story: My dog Schecki

My dog Schecki is a rescue dog which I found app. 2 months old half dead. She is a fighter and survived and grew and developed. She was having many, many issues, was terribly frightened and constantly got ear infection. On our 6th or 7th I decided enough is enough. She needed to get no more medicine for a while so that the body can recover from the antibiotics. So I specifically began treating her ears and since then (we talk about years) we had no more ear infection.

In addition to Reiki I also worked with Bach Flower remedies and they did their fair share of dealing with the stress and other behavioral issues.

Oh and not to forget – while I was busy with her, I did not forget sending myself a good share of Reiki too!

Today, whenever I am in a Reiki session for myself she would come very close to me. She will silence, sleep and not move until I am done with it. She simply knows it is something good going on.
It is a simple technique working with the universal life force energy applying it for the well-being of your animal.

Reiki can aid:

– recovery from an illness, operation and support the working of the medicine prescribed by a vet.
– working on emotional problems in your pet such as depression, over-enthusiasm, possessiveness…
– support the release of trauma experienced in the past
– grow your understanding for the need of your pet
And so on.

You can get started easy and can make your pet an even happier one than it is right now!
We can meet for one session together with your pet. During this session you learn basic Reiki positions that you can apply from this moment onward whenever you feel it is beneficial.

Don´t waste more time letting your pet be troubled. Contact me now for an appointment.