Holistic Pulsing in Cyprus

holistic pulsingHolistic Pulsing is a gentle body-oriented technique of relaxation which was developed in its current form by osteopath Tovi Browning in the 1980´s. By using rocking and vibrating movements, a wave-like motion is created in the body.

The memory of every cell is activated by the rhythm, which is close to that of the foetal heartbeat. In this way the cells find their own way back to their original destiny.

The foremost principle of Holistic Pulsing is to be free of any intention. The main difference between this treatment and most other methods is that Pulsers do not heal or diagnose illnesses. Instead, they invite the body to recall its own original state of harmony and wholeness.

Maybe this is why almost every session produces what Tovi Browning calls ‘gentle miracles’…


The beauty of this technique is that without any effort, mental troubles dissolve, talents are rediscovered and blockages built up over time through stress or fear can be released, any kind of problem can resolve magically itself – simply by adopting a new approach and re-establishing trust in your own self. It is a technique that brings you back to your true self and through that increases your zest for life. You find yourself empowered to continue walking on your path through a developed feeling of being loved as that leads to deep relaxation.

Holistig Pulsing is safe and suitable basically for everyone

– Babies and Children
– Pregnant women
– Anyone who wishes to relax
– Aging people
– Handicapped
– When you wish to release blockages
– When you wish to re-establish a loving relationship with yourself
– When you wish to deal with your fears in a gentle and soft way
– And so on

Holistic Pulsing in Cyprus is available for treatment sessions and training classes only at The Holistic Age. Click here to contact me now to book your session!

Holistic Pulsing Classes

Holistic Pulsing classes are aimed at therapists who wish to add a simple and very effective tool to use when they are working with clients. The classes are also suitable for anyone who wishes to explore themselves and to learn a skill they can use to help family and friends.

The different levels of Holistic Pulsing training are:

First step: Body Pulsing

The student will learn all the appropriate grips for the three positions of their client on the massage table: lying face up, lying face down, or on their side.
In this basis course of HP (Holistic Pulsing) we will learn the basics of this technique. We start with consciously recognizing our body and soul in a loving way.

Course coverage:
1. Basic terminology and principles of HP
2. Learning of basic grips in face-up, face-down and side position
3. Practice on each other
4. Paths to remove blockages
5. Holistic Pulsing session with a current theme in your life that you wish to clear

Second step: Organ Pulsing

Learning how to address each organ and the appropriate grip in each case and the harmonizing through Pulsing is the main focus in this course. We learn how to deal with emotional conflicts that can arise while pulsing.

To participate in this course you must have attended and completed the first step.

Course coverage:
1. Teaching of the Organs and their functions on an energetic level
2. Harmonizing the organs through pulsing
3. Applying Pulsing in practice
4. How to deal with psychological issues when pulsing
5. Meditations related to organs

Third step: Chakra Pulsing

This is a much more subtle area of practice which involves working on each of the seven chakras and in the aura. In this course we get to know about chakras and to feel our subtle bodies through pulsing. We practice the feeling of different energy fields as well as the pulsing of chakras in the physical and subtle level.

Course coverage:
1. We become acquainted with the chakras and subtle bodies
2. Harmonizing of our subtle area through pulsing
3. Meditations on chakras
4. Self-Pulsing

For each level you will receive a Certificate at the end of the course.


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