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    Posted on 28/10/2013 by TheHolisticAge in Knowledge.


    What is Reiki?

    There is much material out about Reiki. There are many different names for different forms of Reiki. There were many schools of Reiki created who all identify themselves with different rules, regulations and standards. All that is perfectly fine as each of them have a purpose to exist and everyone searching will find what suits him/her best.

    In this article I like to put the emphasis on the meaning of the word Reiki as I still meet many people who translate Reiki to “Hands-on-healing”. That however is only one aspect of the meaning of the word. The word Rei-ki derives from the Japanese and translates to “universal life-force energy”.

    Now think for one moment about that translation – what does that mean?

    Yes, you are right it simply means that everything is “Reiki” as everything is “universal life-force energy”. So, welcome to the world of Reiki.

    You may now wonder what would be a possible good reason to attend a Reiki class. The answer to that is quite simple. When you attend a Reiki class you decide consciously to step on the path of learning about the energy you are and how you apply it in your life. It may mean that you decide to step out of being driven by your energy into driving with your energy.

    Once you step onto this path you become aware of your self-healing capacities and get confirmed in your understanding of your power and self-responsibility.

    How does Reiki work?

    Reiki needs no rituals. The universal life-force energy is channeled to the receiver – be it yourself or a person, animal or situation you are the channel for. It is all about the intention – open your heart to being the channel.

    What does Reiki do?

    It does what the receiver wants it to do in his/her heart. That sometimes leads to confusion when people call for friends or family members who suffer from dis-ease and who wish to book them a healing session. They are surprised when they hear that “healing” does not necessarily mean that the person gets well as the responsibility for healing is not with the channel of the energy but with the receiver of the energy.

    Healing can occur when it is a heart wish of the receiver as through the channeled energy the self healing capacities of the receiver are re-energized and made available in full strength.

    How to find the right Reiki practitioner or teacher?

    Working with universal life-force energy is working with the source of all, working with the oneness of the universe, entering each other´s Aura. That may tell you that it is crucial that in your choice of a practitioner or teacher you want to make sure you feel good.

    There is nothing more disturbing than ending up working with a person you feel you cannot open up to or connect with as you will not allow yourself being free to receive.

    Take your time before you make your pick. Check out events on The Holistic Age Calendar.

    Love and Light


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