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Holistic Pulsing Cyprus Session

Holistic Pulsing

Holistic Pulsing Cyprus

Holistic Pulsing is a gentle body-oriented technique of relaxation. By using rocking and vibrating movements, a wave-like motion is created in the body. Channeling  Reiki energy through the palms of the hands led to the name Reiki Rock Pulse – get 2 in 1!

The memory of every cell is activated by the rhythm, which is close to that of the foetal heartbeat. In this way the cells find their own way back to their original destiny.

The foremost principle of Holistic Pulsing is to be free of any intention. The main difference between this treatment and most other methods is that Pulsers do not heal or diagnose illnesses. Instead, they invite the body to recall its own original state of harmony and wholeness.

Holistic Massage Forms - Holistic Pulsing

The beauty of this technique is that without any effort, mental troubles dissolve, talents are rediscovered and blockages built up over time through stress or fear can be released, any kind of problem can resolve magically itself – simply by adopting a new approach and re-establishing trust in your own self. It is a technique that brings you back to your true self and through that increases your zest for life. You find yourself empowered to continue walking on your path through a developed feeling of being loved as that leads to deep relaxation.

Holistig Pulsing is safe and suitable basically for everyone:
– Babies and Children
– Pregnant women
– Anyone who wishes to relax
– Aging people
– Handicapped
– When you wish to release blockages
– When you wish to re-establish a loving relationship with yourself
– When you wish to deal with your fears in a gentle and soft way
– And so on

A perfect gift for you and your loved ones!

During this one hour treatment you forget all your worries and release all your tension.
After the one hour treatment the re-awakened pulsation of your vibrational being remains activated and continues the healing on the level of the cells.

Holistic Pulsing Cyprus
It is more than pampering time for you or your loved ones!

Cost depending on duration:

45 minutes ….. Euro 35.00  (only Holistic Pulsing session)

90 minutes ….. Euro 50.00 (Holistic Pulsing Session and counseling – advisable for you if you wish to work on a specific issue in your life)
To book a double session just enter “2” for quantity and you will be charged the correct amount at time of checkout with Paypal.

Book your space now or get a voucher as a perfect gift!

Price: €50.00