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as sold during the MBS

Whoever bought the stones was attracted to them like a magnet. They knew exactly which one to take. Trust your intuition to pick the one right for you.

If there are other subjects you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me to get your stone charged for your personal subject.

What do you receive?

Each stone has been charged with Reiki and put into the vibration of the corresponding symbol.

You receive the stone of your choice and it comes together with the sheet explaining the meaning and ideas how to use it.

How to select your stone?

There are different ways how you can choose the right stone for yourself.

- If you know of a specific theme in your life, something you want to achieve or maintain, you can choose the corresponding Reiki charged stone.

- You can select the stone simply by which one attracts you, without focusing on the energy it is charged with.

How to use them?

Whenever you look at it you are reminded of that what you want to achieve.

You can place the stone on a specific chakra during meditation, or simply hold it in your hands or place it close to you while you meditate or give yourself a Reiki treatment.

You can also place them in a space where you specifically wish this energy to vibrate.

Let your intuition guide you which stone to select and where to place it, how to work with it.
The moment you choose the stone it is yours and it will send you inspiration how to work with it in the most beneficial way.

Description - the highlighted one corresponds with the stone you are looking at:
You can take it to exams, your workspace or a place where you like being reminded of the lucky person you are.

A perfect stone to place in your bedroom bringing your love life to new vibrations. You can also use it as a gift for a deer friends and soul mate.

Keep it in your kitchen for inspiration of healthy cooking, or entrance hall to remind yourself of regular walking.

ATTENTION! Price is for pick up - if you want it delivered, please contact me for additional shipping charges!

Price: €4.00

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