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Encaustic Art – Winter Blossoms

Encaustic Art Original – Winter Blossoms

Title: Winter Blossoms
Size: A4
Medium: Encaustic Art
You get: Original painting with story


The story of inspiration for this painting:

Languages have their own poetry. The root of my mother tongue is German and this language is a specially poetic one, although it may sound hard to the ear.
Why I mention that?
You may have wondered how in winter I can speak of Blossoms, and how the painting shall be a display of those blossoms.
The root for it is in the German language, which in its poetic way of describing nature uses “Eis-Blume” for ice crystals. Blume in German means Flower. Literally translated we speak of ice-flowers.
That was my inspiration to paint with the iron and scribbling tool the winter blossoms and have so 4 seasons covered with flowers that let the beauty of the universe shine through their existence.

(You get the story sent with the original painting)


You can have the painting unframed or mounted or framed in simple glass framing.

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Price: from €35.00

Encaustic Art Starter Set

Encaustic Art Starter Set

The Encaustic Art Starter Set includes:

1 Encaustic Art iron

16 assorted wax blocks

Assorted white cards: A4-10, A5-20, A6-40

The Encaustic Art Starter Set gives you all you need to get started – and it lasts a long time as you never trash anything!

Encaustic Art is more than just another painting technique. It is highly therapeutic just playing with the tool to create cards. It lets you instantly relax and forget any worries.

It makes a perfect gift for a loved one or friend!

More colors, colored cards for fancy wishing cards, scribbling tool, guide and books you can get any time at your own pace.

Also look out for workshops offered to give you tips and tricks to make your cards more impressive and simple instructions how to get an easy going feel with your new toy – the Encaustic iron.

Price given is for pick up. If you wish this set shipped to your address, please contact me for delivery charges.

All purchases till 30. November will receive the Guide “Encaustic Art Therapy for your family” free of charge!



Price: €60.00

FunWithEncaustic – Be your own Therapist

FunWithEncaustic-Be your own Therapist

This guide is a useful handbook when you wish to use your Encaustic Art Set not simply to create stunning pictures and cards but bring it to the next level and use it as therapeutic tool. You get exercises how to use Encaustic Art for family, relationship and personal development therapy.

This is the list of content for the guide how to be your own therapist with Encaustic Art:

I. How effective is Fun with Encaustic as a therapeutic tool?
II. What is Encaustic Art?
III. What does “Be your own therapist” really mean?
IV. Who can work with Encaustic Art as therapeutic tool
V. What can it help to deal with?
VI. Encaustic Art Therapy for families
A. Spending quality time as family
B. Discover roles in the family
VII. Encaustic Art Therapy for relationships
A. How can Encaustic Art help enhance your communication?
B. How can Encaustic Art teach you to understand your role?
VIII. Encaustic Art for Personal Development
A. Learn to interprete messages from your heart
B. Focus on the NOW
IX. Inspiration for card interpretations
A. Colors and emotional meaning
B. Process of card creation
X. Examples of paintings and possible interpretations
XI. Supporting complimentary therapies
A. Encaustic Art Therapy and Bach Flower remedies
B. Encaustic Art Therapy and Reiki
XII. Encaustic Affirmation Cards
XIII. Your personal affirmation pick list
XIV. Contact information Fun With Encaustic Worldwide

Printed versions are available upon demand please contact us for details.

Price: €4.99