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Full Numerology Profile and Askfirmations Package

Very SPECIAL OFFER till 31. March 2015 only!
Don´t miss out on it!

Full Numerology Profile and Askfirmations Package

  • Do you feel some restlessness but cannot really pinpoint where it comes from?
  • Do you wonder why nothing works the way you want?
  • Are you curious to find out what hidden talents you brought with you and what your life can look like when you discover them?

No matter what question you have in your mind related to your life…
…if you not only want to know THE SECRET but also know how to make it work for you, then this is the perfect package deal for you!

Treat yourself and be rewarded with great insights and AHA`s!

And it does not stop there as this package also contains the tool what actually helps you transform your life!

Wait no longer and order it NOW!

You get:

1. A full profile numerology report

This report provides you with insights about the virbrational being of YOU. The essence that you are and what you have brought with you into this lifetime. You will see how your life matches with your life path, how your personality reflects who you really are, what your talents and strengths are and where you may feel challenged in your life. The numbers you brought with you into this lifetime are your inheritance from your past. Knowing and understanding them lets you make different choices.

2. The book “Askfirmations” Live the life you desire simply by asking, by author Chris Alexandria

This book guides you to find the way in communicating with the universe in a way that gives you what you are asking for. It does require a bit of retraining of your mind’s process and with this wonderful book you get the help to succeed with re-conditioning your mind. It is all about applying positive, present-tense language and the universe is forced to respond in your favor. All you have to do is prepare yourself to be open and begin receiving it.

Order this special package NOW!

3. ADDITIONAL BONUS – forecast for your next 2 personal years

You will also receive a FREE numerology forecast revealing what the next 2 personal years and the next 12 personal months hold for you.

Upon order make sure you indicate the full birth name (including middle name), current name used and your birth date (enter in Paypal field “Instructions to seller”).

The report will be sent by Email, to the Email of your Paypal account. If you wish to receive the report to another Email, please make sure you indicate it at time of order in the Paypal field “Instructions to seller”, right after your names and date of birth.

Old Price: €68.35

Price: €47.00

You save: €21.35


FunWithEncaustic – Be your own Therapist

FunWithEncaustic-Be your own Therapist

This guide is a useful handbook when you wish to use your Encaustic Art Set not simply to create stunning pictures and cards but bring it to the next level and use it as therapeutic tool. You get exercises how to use Encaustic Art for family, relationship and personal development therapy.

This is the list of content for the guide how to be your own therapist with Encaustic Art:

I. How effective is Fun with Encaustic as a therapeutic tool?
II. What is Encaustic Art?
III. What does “Be your own therapist” really mean?
IV. Who can work with Encaustic Art as therapeutic tool
V. What can it help to deal with?
VI. Encaustic Art Therapy for families
A. Spending quality time as family
B. Discover roles in the family
VII. Encaustic Art Therapy for relationships
A. How can Encaustic Art help enhance your communication?
B. How can Encaustic Art teach you to understand your role?
VIII. Encaustic Art for Personal Development
A. Learn to interprete messages from your heart
B. Focus on the NOW
IX. Inspiration for card interpretations
A. Colors and emotional meaning
B. Process of card creation
X. Examples of paintings and possible interpretations
XI. Supporting complimentary therapies
A. Encaustic Art Therapy and Bach Flower remedies
B. Encaustic Art Therapy and Reiki
XII. Encaustic Affirmation Cards
XIII. Your personal affirmation pick list
XIV. Contact information Fun With Encaustic Worldwide

Printed versions are available upon demand please contact us for details.

Price: €4.99