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Encaustic Art – Winter Blossoms

Encaustic Art Original – Winter Blossoms

Title: Winter Blossoms
Size: A4
Medium: Encaustic Art
You get: Original painting with story


The story of inspiration for this painting:

Languages have their own poetry. The root of my mother tongue is German and this language is a specially poetic one, although it may sound hard to the ear.
Why I mention that?
You may have wondered how in winter I can speak of Blossoms, and how the painting shall be a display of those blossoms.
The root for it is in the German language, which in its poetic way of describing nature uses “Eis-Blume” for ice crystals. Blume in German means Flower. Literally translated we speak of ice-flowers.
That was my inspiration to paint with the iron and scribbling tool the winter blossoms and have so 4 seasons covered with flowers that let the beauty of the universe shine through their existence.

(You get the story sent with the original painting)


You can have the painting unframed or mounted or framed in simple glass framing.

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Price: from €35.00

Printed Cards Online – prints from Encaustic Originals


Printed Cards Online
Set of 3 different cards.
Printed from original Encaustic Card motives.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Those printed cards online are prints from original Encaustic Cards. They come with envelope.

Price: €3.60

Printed Greeting Cards

Printed Greeting Cards

Printed Greeting Cards from Fun With Encaustic

The image of this card shows trees in winter. Wonderful arty card for Seasonal Greetings. You can buy it online to reserve your copy and collect it or get it shipped to your address.

If you wish it delivered please contact me for shipping charges!

Price: €2.00

Thank You card as PNG file

Thank You Card

Thank You card in .PNG format

A lovely card created with Encaustic Art technique. It fits any occasion that you like to say thank you to someone special.

You can print the card off – you can send it in an email or you can use it on any social media to say special thanks to someone.

You can find this card also on my Pinterest account, together with other pictures of cards and/or paintings in Encaustic Art technique.

Feel free to look also on my facebook page FunWithEncaustic for many more cards or contact me to order your own personal one in your favorite colors or with your own words (will be different price!).

Price: €0.99