• Power of Smile – Food for Thought

    Posted on 16/12/2013 by TheHolisticAge in Food For Thought, Inspiration and Motivation.

    The Power of Smile

    Have you ever been angry, frustrated or de-motivated while you smile?

    It can easily happen to forget about the power of smile when you get into an argument, stress yourself with timing to complete tasks or chew something over. One can easily forget the achievements of walking into the day with a positive and uplifted feeling when old habits are triggered. Becoming aware that you forget to smile is one step to change to smile again and make your day brighter.

    Greet others with your smile

    One way is to shake hands – reaching out with the extension of your heart to the person you meet. Imagine how great it feels when you add to this handshake the ingredient of a welcoming smile. You can try it out and observe the difference it makes as a simple smile brakes all tension.

    A smile lets you focus on the positive

    Begin to smile and you find all the good things around you as they begin to stand out from the rest. By seeing the positive things in your life you energize them and make them more. Your smile lets you focus on it as no negative thought has room to spread.

    Energize your day with the power of smile

    Waking up and welcoming a new day with a smile is most powerful and brings new drive in your life. It begins with letting yourself feel good about YOU. Your smile to yourself lets you grow into feeling good about yourself. Walking into your day with this smile radiates the good feeling out into the world and lets others feel good too. It makes them smile back at you.
    When you realize that you forget to smile, bring it back – add the power of smile. Make it a habit to begin your day with waking up and smiling at yourself. Giving thanks with a smile for a new day full of experiences and your willingness to walk through it with joy is multiplied before you even started your first task.

    Enjoy your life!

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