• Playfulness – Food for Thought

    Posted on 17/12/2013 by TheHolisticAge in Food For Thought, Inspiration and Motivation.


    When you have too little time for too much to do you plan to fail.

    Remember – all that you put in your day is there because YOU SAY SO. You have the power to decide what you do and what you let go. Take a moment to find out what you want to achieve. Holding on to a plan that you know does not fit in the time you have ahead of you creates stress already before you start.

    You may put yourself in the situation that your task list is so overwhelming that you end up thinking all day of all the things you wish to accomplish and when night arrives you completed nothing or did things with unsatisfying results as your head was already on the next task while still working on the first. Remember the child you are within and add playfulness to your life.

    Create a let it be list – playfulness in action

    Remember being a child – how easy it is for children to scratch off everything they don´t want to do and focus on that which they love!
    You may be surprised how many of your tasks you can move to the let it be list. How is that possible? Once you think about all that you have on your list you begin to put priorities to what you want to do. Use your mind to help you enjoy your day rather to make yourself feel bad about your life because you have no time to enjoy the things you want to do.

    Even it is something you like – you may not enjoy it when you have to squeeze it in a day full of tasks. Do less and enjoy more – just with that you already put your energy level up.
    Let go of the need to put everything in one day and allow this way to enjoy the fewer things you have decided to keep doing.

    Put your focus on what you love

    Whatever it is that bothers you – do not send more energy to it by holding on to that what challenges you. Decide to put your focus on that which makes you feel good. Put your focus on that which works for you well. Put your focus on appreciating small achievements as they ultimately lead to big ones. Use the playfulness the child within you has and let it come out being an integral part of your life.

    After reading those words – what happened with your negative thoughts about yourself, were they still there or did you forget about them thinking of the positive?

    Allow time in the day doing NO-THING

    You may be surprised how relaxing it becomes when you consciously decide that “for 30 minutes I do no-thing”. Doing that consciously lets you feel good about yourself as you are actively inactive. By doing no-thing you begin to experience TO BE.

    Enjoy your life!

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