Spiritual Counselling

You feel the need of help but have no idea where to start or maybe not even what exactly your issue is, then tailor made sessions are what you may want to consider as a starting point.

In a spiritual counselling session, we will together work on finding what it is that lets you progress in the direction you wish to develop, well actually we will find out together what it is that you want.

In the initial talk we set the point of start and develop from there and I will work with several tools totally depending on what knocks on the door while we work together on every step of your path.

What means “Together” ?

It means I listen and reflect to you what I receive.

You then use this information to engage in the work you need in order to progress – it can be forgiveness work, anger management, acceptance of what is, etc.

Holistic Counselling



You learn being the observer and the observed in one person so that you can easily continue on your own in consciously creating the life you wish for.

NEW – Online Spiritual Counselling!

We will connect via Skype.

Like my FB page FromGood2Great, send me a PM with your skype name and you get ONE 15 minute free spiritual counselling session!