Internal resources

“Explore and discover internal resources for a better health and happiness”

Living in an economically challenging time may have brought you to a point where you recognize that something seems to be missing in your life. We set out on a journey to the core of your being to identify the obstacles on your path and to find the answers you are looking for.

Our health and happiness are affected by a variety of factors, internal and external.  There are essential human needs that, when ignored, contribute to our health problems, lack of vitality, loss of creativity and productivity, emotional dis-harmonies and unhappiness.

It’s difficult for us to find internal resources of strength and happiness when our health is poor and we have a negative level of thinking and emotions towards ourselves and the others.  If we want to be successful, changing our mindset is crucial.  This doesn’t mean form tomorrow we shall start simply thinking positive, but rather discovering and changing attitudes, beliefs, and personal truths that have led to our problems. It is very well known that our mind, to a large extent, determines the shape of our body, and the state of health and happiness we are in.

Basically we are talking about three major areas or sources where we can improve ourselves to secure better life: physical health, emotional strength and creative thinking.

I would rather start with thinking and emotions and end the article with the result – healthy body and happy person.

Our thoughts create our reality

As we all know, our mind strongly influences our health. Our dominant thoughts on any subject will drive us to make choices that match those thoughts. Most people are not aware of persistent thoughts that are causing them suffering. Most of us are not aware of the self image and attitude towards illness and the great influence our thoughts have in two directions to promote healing or suffer. Let’s talk about the positive side of our thinking, about hope. Hope is our greatest asset. It is one of the main reason why placebos (sugar pills used in clinical studies) work. We also know how effective prayer can be when it is combined with faith and hope. When a person loses hope and feels helpless in the face of a chronic disease, it is very easy to lose the hope; the body may just “quit trying.” If the patient is made aware of his or her unique abilities and possibilities, he or she may see things differently. Now, the body’s natural healing power can be harnessed to do the job. Our mind can create miracles for us if we want them.

Emotional strength

Emotion is energy in motion. Strong feelings we experience are an important aspect of health. They are the tools we use to create our existence. These emotions are normal and healthy when they are flowing. Our feelings affect the electromagnetic field that surrounds us. Every cell in our body responds to every thought we think and every word we say. It is not suppressing that we store our emotions in the body and thus we have direct connection between what we feel and how we look. Emotions can change and slow down the vibration of life when they are negative and constant. When negative emotions are expressed, we give our power away and change the body condition and the signals we are giving to the others. When emotions are blocked they will vibrate to a corresponding organ system. We all occasionally experience the emotions of sadness, anger, fear and frustration.

When these feelings are kept inside, they operate invisibly for a time. Then these unexpressed feelings come to the surface. Few very easy examples: sadness is expressed by tears; emotions control the size of the small arteries and effect change in blood circulation so we can detect changes in our blood pressure due to different power of our emotions. These emotions, when habitual, are capable of starting changes in the body. When emotion is not expressed or released properly, it will migrate to specific areas. Some popular examples:


Knowing some of the connections between emotions and our body we have to say: treat your emotions as friends.  They have come to your awareness to help you in some way.

And now at the end comes our physical body. Physical health
Physically we need good nutrition, activity or exercise, good sleep, rest and relaxation. It is very popular and very true that our body is made from what we eat. Food creates the quality of our blood, cells, tissues and organs, and greatly influences the way we think and perceive. That’s why is so important to take care of our diet and think who vital we would like to be to meet successfully our daily tasks.
Other sources of vitality are relaxation, exercise and self healing.

REIKI as a good practice:

Reiki is not something you have to look for and get as it is with you right in this moment as you ready those words. It is the most natural resource we can ever acquire to work with to heal from the inside out as we start connecting and communicating with the core of our being. The place where is silence, peace and harmony. You learn to focus on your own healing by bringing yourself in the moment, the only place where we can change our life.

Help and support:

Well, it can be very difficult to work alone to find emotional balance when you feel you lost it. And it is a process that needs your constant attention and someone’s support to get you started as you may feel helpless where to begin. What we can do together, at The Holistic Age Center is:
– Reiki sessions
– Holistic Pulsing
– Reiki Rock Pulse
– Encaustic Art Therapy
– Tailor-made private sessions or work together in group sessions to build your self-confidence and good self-esteem, improve your relationships and satisfaction of life, etc.