Emotional balance

How to find your emotional balance

Our daily life and emotions: We are operating in different energy fields every day. Each time we face a situation, new or routine one, we enter in specific energy field. For example: we witnessed a car accident, and automatically this situation creates new energy field.  What happens with us? We enter a field energized by the emotions of: shock, anger, pain, disbelief, denial and regret.  What usually happens with us: we connect to some of these emotions, base on our own perception and previous experience what an accident means.

Sometimes the power of this field is so strong that we keep the image of this situation hours and even days after the event happened.

Some people say that this is our memory which is responsible for this long-lasting connection, but I have to tell you that knowledge about the accident does not create in us feeling of nausea and sadness. It seems that this single accident is stored in two separate places: in our mental body and in our emotional body. In one hand we extended our intellectual understanding about consequences of a car accident as: smashed cars, injuries, broken traffic rules and in the field of knowledge this information has been stored. On second hand we improved our collection of emotions and what is more interesting even a single word-stimulus can bring the whole pallet of emotions.

Are we energy fields ourselves?

Yes. We have our own emotional body and thus – we bring with us specific energy field. Our emotional body vibrates at the frequency of the emotions we are going through and this body. The condition of our emotional body is responsible for the emotional balance we are looking for.


Emotions are stored in the body. When emotions are blocked they will vibrate to a corresponding organ system. Stress is felt in the stomach and intestines first. Emotions control the size of the small arteries and effect change in blood circulation. The emotional brain maintains the immune system and the body’s capacity for healing itself.

The idea of obtaining emotional balance isn’t simply about getting rid of negative emotions, but instead learning how to experience them, cope with them and keep them somewhat moderated. Emotions, whether they’re positive or negative, are meaningful responses to internal or external events that convey information to us as well as to others, about who we are and what we’re dealing with, for instance that while we “feel” a particular emotion, we don’t need to “become” that emotion.

One of the first steps in obtaining the capacity to experience emotions in a balanced manner is to reduce our vulnerability to emotional extremes. First and foremost we must keep in mind that not only are emotions physical responses in our bodies to life events, but whether or not we feel healthy determines how much control we feel that we have over these events. And this in turn influences how much emotion we experience. Consequently, healthy emotions depend upon a healthy body.

The power of Reiki

Working with Reiki is working with the energy you are and by applying your hands on specific parts of the physical body the energy flow is stimulated. You begin to connect with the core of your being, the home of balance and harmony. Connecting with your heart lets your mind relax. You become calm and all struggle stops. It is the moment where your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies vibrate in harmony. You are in a space where you have answers rather to having questions. It is the place where you are beyond doubt.
You can apply Reiki working on yourself, so it is a tool that you take with you and that you can integrate in your daily life working on maintaining your emotional balance.

Help and support:

Well, it can be very difficult to work alone to find emotional balance when you feel you lost it. And it is a process that needs your constant attention and someone’s support to get you started as you may feel helpless where to begin. What we can do together, at The Holistic Age Center is:

– Reiki sessions
– Holistic Pulsing
– Reiki Rock Pulse
– Encaustic Art Therapy
– Tailor-made private sessions or work together in group sessions to Build your self-confidence and good self-esteem
– Improve your relationships and satisfaction of life