Psychology and Reiki

When working with the universal life force energy (one name for it is Reiki), our being is shock up on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Most of the “healing” happens gentle and smooth, without the client even recognizing the detail of the healing happening or what the cause for the dis-ease was.

That is the most beautiful part of the work with the Reiki energy as it shows us that every one of us can re-activate the cells knowledge of what a state of “health” is. This knowledge is stored in our cells and just dormant through lots of influences from the outside in the course of our progressing in this world.

In some cases however it may bring up the need to exchange with someone not emotionally connected what came up and some guidance may be helpful to reassure yourself that you are on your path of healing. This is where psychology and Reiki connect. Only few sessions may be enough to guide and ensure you in the progress you awakened.