Numerology – Numbers in your life

What is Numerology?

Numerology, as the word indicates deals with numbers and more specific with the symbolism of numbers. Diving into the vast field of unlimited combinations of numbers one can find the information about a person´s personality, strengths, talents, needs, obstacles… Numerology can be used to examine your life as you begin to dive into the vibration of your name in combination with the date you have entered this world. It can bring deeper understanding to situations you encountered in your life and can be a great tool when you are uncertain what steps to take next, simply as it is easier to take this decision when you know yourself from inside out. You can access your all of your strengths as you may become aware of talents you have forgotten about…

Basic history of Numerology

Numerology was part of ancient cultures and teachings. It is found in the Hindu Vedas, Chinese “Circle of the Dead”, Hebrew system of Kabbalah, Pythagoras founder of the new system of Mathematics, Hellenistic Alexandria, Christian mysticism. Wherever you look from Astrology, Feng Shui, all the way to Goethe´s Faustus – numbers play a part. In the 21st century Numerology sees an increase in interest and it shows that impressively with the amount of research and publications on the market.

How does Numerology work?

Living on this planet Earth is part of a limitless universe and everything in it is in constant vibration. Everything also has different vibration and you may have heard about vibration of different colors, the aura field of Beings… When looking at the different vibrations we can determine different qualities associated with it. A numerology profile will give you new insights as to your personality and character.

What you can gain with Numerology

A numerology profile will give you new insights as to your personality and character and shows you what strengths and talents you brought with you as support in living through life. It highlights areas you may want to work on strengthening. A Numerology Report is also a wonderful tool when you are curious what you may not know about yourself. It can help you overcoming the fear looking at your own needs, desires and dreams and so open the door leading you in a new direction.
At no time Numerology is used as prediction what will happen as it is always you and the decision you take that forms your life. It merely shows the vibration of a specific time connected with your vibration and can so help you fine tune your actions.

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