Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach (September 24, 1886 – November 27, 1936)

He was born in Moseley, near Birmingham, England. He studies medicine at the University College Hospital, London and obtained a Diploma in Public Health at Cambridge.

No matter how much success he faced working with orthodox medicine, he kept feeling dissatisfied with the approach of focusing on disease rather to looking to the patient suffering. He began turning to alternative therapies and believed that illness effects out of disharmony between body and mind. He believed that negative emotional states are expressed through illness. 1930 he gave up his practice and went to the countryside where he began concentrating on finding a new healing system. He did so through involving plants using them as remedies.

His work resulted in a total of 38 remedies won from flowers and trees which he grouped in different categories, all connected to emotional states of our being.

The beauty of those remedies are that they are purely energetic and have no side effects and are in no conflict with any medication a client may take.

The beauty of the Bach Flower remedies is, that in a session the client himself chooses which remedies are needed in this very moment to address those emotional issues that lead to discomfort and illness.

“This work of healing has been done, and published and given freely so that people like yourselves can help yourselves” Dr. Edward Bach