Thank you




I like to thank everyone who generously accepted to be mentioned on my website with a testimonial following our working together.



‘Working with Angela was absolutely fabulous… I went into the session very tired and demotivated and come out full of energy and with a smile.’
​Katharina, Limassol

​”Angela is a wonderful teacher and has helped me enormously. I have been able to look inwardly at myself and make the changes I needed to fulfill my life purpose. Through Reiki healing I have learnt to not only help myself but others too.”
Nicola S., Peyia, Paphos

“After several stressful years, and having tried other forms of therapy, I found Angela and Reiki! Being a huge skeptic I was doubtful at first, but even just talking to Angela helped so much that I didn’t even consider the actual effects of Reiki on my well-being. Now, however, having almost completed Reiki one, being able to apply it to myself and having learned a whole new philosophy and way of life, I am so glad I threw my doubts aside! I am eagerly looking forward to learning and practicing more!”
Lena L., Limassol, Cyprus

It is a special gift to find our teacher. Angela is my Reiki Master teacher and I can say that I am lucky that I found my teacher and Reiki as it has changed my life in a way I would never believe it could happen.
Dessi, Architect, Limassol, Cyprus

“Angela Egwim is a woman with the amazing ability to always stay objective, supportive and positive throughout any challenge. This attitude and her many years of experience in counseling people have helped me immensely during a difficult time in my life when I had lost my own objectivity and was ‘dazed’ with emotions, confusion and upsetness. In a kind but firm way, Angela managed to ‘hold a mirror in front of me’ and helped me understand myself in a way I never thought possible, thus allowing me to regain inner balance.
Even when in a happy and balanced state of mind, I still find it very helpful to have occasional sessions with her to help keep my ‘emotional priorities’ straight. Angela is certainly one of the people I would not want to have missed crossing paths with and look forward to many more enlightening and uplifting meetings with her.”
Mary Anglberger, English teacher, Limassol, Cyprus