My path


Angela Egwim

I was born in Austria in 1961. During my school years, I was fascinated by the natural sciences and my rational mind constantly demanded logical explanations for everything. But soon after becoming a chemistry student I took one of my first significant life-decisions, with the result that I gave up my studies and went to work. This was the beginning of 12 years as a career woman in a highly demanding job.

During this time, I was always aware that there was ‘Something More’ to life and I was fortunate enough to meet many wonderful people who supported me on my path. I was strongly drawn to philosophical discussions and alternative approaches to coping with life’s challenges. Something was knocking at my door but I still wasn’t quite ready to open that door and find out what it was.

By 1995 I had reached a point where I was constantly unwell. Just before setting off for a holiday in Cyprus, I decided to book a hospital check-up to take place as soon as I returned home. As it turned out, that hospital stay never happened because for the entire time I was in Cyprus I felt perfectly well. I now knew for sure that the time had come to change my life completely and to follow my heart once again. I immediately made arrangements to settle on this beautiful island.
By this time, I understood that my heart’s desire was to delve more deeply into the miracle of what it means to live a human life. So for the next ten years I supported myself with a series of temporary jobs, which left me with plenty of time to focus on acquiring new tools for my personal development and healing.

After participating in a regression workshop in 2001, I was led to Holistic Pulsing which provided the deepest relaxation I had ever experienced. It was so powerful that I decided to train as a practitioner. The initial part of my training took place in Austria and I later completed my studies in Germany.

The next five years were personally very intense for me and finally, in 2006, I discovered Reiki. It was like ‘coming home’. I immediately knew that it had always been with me but now I was at last ready to explore it more deeply and to live with it consciously. This life-changing decision led to my discovering more and more tools which supported me on my path of self-healing and growth. These included Bach Flower Remedies, Regression Therapy, Creative Drawing, Encaustic Art and Meditation.

As my work has progressed, I have developed a combined technique which I call Reiki Rock Pulse (RRP), which brings together Reiki and Holistic Pulsing. This is a very natural combination as both these practices are already at work within us. The gentle movements of Holistic Pulsing combine perfectly with Reiki, which is the constant flow of universal energy and unconditional love.

My work now consists of healing sessions and personal development sessions, along with classes in Reiki, Holistic Pulsing and Reiki Rock Pulse. Since I love working with colors and spiritual drawing, I also offer workshops in Encaustic Art, which is fun as well as being a powerful tool for self-discovery.

For those who need to know about qualifications:

– USUI Reiki Master/Teacher
– Diploma for Poly-Energetic Therapy with the Academy of Poly-Energetic Therapies
– Certified Practitioner of Meridian and Energy Therapies with the Association of Meridien Energy Therapies
‚Äč- Energethiker Pulsen approved by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce
– Holistic Pulsing Diploma with Ur-Wege (Institute for Psychological Counseling and Body Work – Germany
– Bachflower Remedies – training by the Dr Edward Bach Foundation – UK