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    Live your life

    It depends on you how hard it is to live your life

    You may think – well, that is easier said than done – live your life. Noone says that it is easy. On the other hand you are the only person that defines the grade of easy or difficult. If a thought comes up right now that it is nearly impossible to change your life because of…. –

    Excuses why not vs. reasons why yes

    …and you find more excuses why it is not possible than you find reasons that it is the right time, then you may decide to forget about the idea of changing your life and focus on finding out what holds you back from stepping into a new adventure.

    Look for the question to your answer

    Before taking the final decision ask yourself some questions. The answers may help you in your decision how to continue. Questions can be:
    What makes you not being satisfied with your life right now?
    When did you become aware of that thought?
    How do you define a better life for yourself?
    Is the idea that your life is not good enough coming from outside influences like media or people around you?

    Be clear of what you want – consult your heart

    You are in a much better situation to create the life you want when you are clear about what it is that you want. The best way to find out for sure is when you look inside your heart. When it is something you really want with all your heart, there is only one thing in your mind – make it happen.

    There is no doubt, no fear, no worry, no delay – the focus will simply be on doing it. You use your creativity finding ways to make it work. When you find yourself in that situation, you follow your heart wish rather than your brain logic. Once you are certain of your heart wish, your mind can help you in manifesting it.

    Enjoy and live your life!

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