• July Reiki Practice for Level 1 – Power of Love

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    Reiki practice

    Reiki Practice in Cyprus nature

    This summer I and my students of Reiki Level 1 headed for half a day healing practice to a very special place in Cyprus – to Petra tou Romiou.

    I chose this place because mythology says it is the birthplace of goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. And indeed the famous rock has this energy that attracts so many visitors and provokes amazement when you first see it. The place is half way between Limassol and Paphos, so we opted for a morning session and beach time after that.

    My role as a Reiki Master is guiding my students on their path of Reiki in finding their very own way to apply their energy and create the life they want to live with increasing consciousness. The main focus in Level 1 is staying with yourself – focusing on your own healing through learning to understand your energy and what you do with it.
    Being out in nature and especially close to and/or in the water we connect with life itself. We sat in a circle for a healing of the heart meditation, focusing on love and compassion for self, choices we make and making peace with them.

    After Reiki Healing Meditation we created the Yin & Yang symbol with stones in the sand. This is the symbol of duality, balance and harmony… More over it is a gentle reminder that we all have masculine and feminine aspects in ourselves, which we learn to love and respect on the path of Reiki.

    Inspired by the messages of the Yin & Yang symbol, our practice continued with meditation over those aspects of our partnerships we find important for the moment: how we function together, where is struggle, how aware we are of the actions of our partner, who leads, etc.

    For the end of this inspiring half day practice we dived into the water with the white foam crown on the waves, feeling the inspiration of love in the place where Aphrodite was said to be born.

    I would encourage every Reiki student to maintain regular Reiki practice as I know it is easy to forget once your course is finished. It will be helpful for you to practice always at the same time and make it a routine, however if that does not suit you, just keep it on a daily basis, dedicating 20 – 30 minutes a day FOR YOU ONLY, without disturbance. It can be at home, on the beach, in the garden, in the woods…

    Enjoy your practice and I look forward to our next exploration in nature where we connect so effortless with the Reiki we are.

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