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    Posted on 10/12/2013 by TheHolisticAge in Food For Thought, Inspiration and Motivation.
    Inspirational Quote Power

    Be sure to follow YOUR feelings and inspirations as you live with the result of your choices.

    Inspirational Quote Power: It is all about understanding the power you are, as that sets the directions you feel free to take in your life.

    It lets you decide out of the core of your being the more you step into the knowing that no one is to blame for anything. Not for what happened in the past, not what happens now and not what the future will be.

    Stepping out of blaming and finding the guilty one (even if it is yourself you blame) is not making things un-happen nor does it make you feel better once you settled for being guilty as per charge.

    When you make yourself the victim – you reside in non-action and create bigger problems along your path.
    When you make yourself the aggressor – you may end up hardening to yourself to the extent that you lose the ability to feel.

    Focus on letting yourself walk a path that is gentle and soft, yet the same moment clear and decisive.

    Asking for help is a sign of strength

    It may be difficult to get started with it on your own – do not be afraid asking for support in learning something new. Learning to ask for help is also a gift you can make for yourself.

    Enjoy your life!

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