• Image Meditation

    Posted on 24/04/2014 by TheHolisticAge in Inspiration and Motivation, Meditation.
    Image Meditation


    A gorgeous morning to everyone!

    I invite you today to join me in a short morning meditation by imprinting the attached image in your mind.

    Meditation with an image as tool to focus

    Take few deep breaths in and out. Allow yourself to let go of tensions and let your thoughts just pass. Put your hands on your heart and look at the image, bring your focus there, look at it and absorb the details.

    Visualize the Golden Light as basis of all, that where everything is embedded, everything surrounded by this Golden Light.

    The center of it is the cycle of life. In the center of it is the healing of your heart and through the healing of your heart the cycle of life grows into the empowerment of your Being. A healed heart knows no fear, only love and it keeps re-creating love in anything you do, bringing the Golden Light to shine bright.

    What you carry in your heart is what you reflect into this world. The world heals with the speed you heal, the world turns in the speed you turn. Let the love in your heart for your life grow – let it expand so it flows out into this world and you are surrounded by love.

    Take a deep breath in and out and give thanks to a wonderful new day in which you lead the creation of your life.

    From morning to night – always OK

    You can always repeat this meditation when you feel that some empowerment may help you. It needs not be in the morning. Any time of the day you can take a moment an focus within with a special meditation. It can be before an important meeting, talk, decision or simply a practice that helps you keeping your focus within… Whatever it is, let yourself walk through it by charging your power from within as this is what changes the world around you.

    Enjoy your life!

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