• Holistic massage techniques – IHM and HP

    Posted on 23/01/2014 by TheHolisticAge in Knowledge.

    Holistic Massage Techniques – Working with the physical manifestation of the vibrational being and beyond

    In this article the focus is put on two Holistic Massage techniques that allow you to wear your clothes while treated (unlike classic massage) and that work beyond muscle relaxation and feeling well. They intentionally focus on re-aligning of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body – your whole vibrational being. The two techniques you receive some insights for are – Indian Head Massage and Holistic Pulsing.

    Do you count enough in your life to take good care of yourself?

    Before going into those details you can find out if you or family members or friends suffer from stress. Stress ignored for a long period of time can have severe impact on your life and can result in physical illness. Signs and symptoms of stress can be behavioral changes, change of feelings and thinking; they can have physical signs of tiredness or sleeping disorder and can lead to depression and anxiety.

    The question is – do you feel you are important enough to invest in your well-being and in creating and/or maintaining a calm and balanced state of being to deal with the difficulties life can hold for you? Do you think you deserve being pampered and do something for yourself for a change?

    Here are some details for the two Holistic Massage Techniques introduced to you today:

    Indian Head Massage (IHM)

    Indian Head Massage was originally developed as a family tradition by Indian women, strongly related with the Ayurvedic approach of living a healthy and stress free life. In the late 90s Indian Head Massage has grown in popularity among Holistic Therapies conducted in the West. Not surprisingly, when we consider that the pace of life, multi-tasking and financial pressure to living a life widely accepted as successful, has kept growing.

    How is the treatment conducted?

    You do not get undressed. You simply sit on a comfortable chair, and you let yourself be pampered for app. half an hour.

    What are effects of IHM?

    Some of the effects of the massaging of head, neck and shoulders are increase of blood flow and lymphatic flow in the areas worked on, increased circulation in the skin and hair, relaxes and soothes tense eye muscles and stimulates the release of endorphin (Happy Hormone) from the brain.

    What are benefits of IHM?

    As a result benefits of receiving an IHM treatment are spreading from releasing of tension in the muscles, dissolving of stress, immunity stimulation, improving of posture all the way to improved skin and hair condition and feeling balanced and calm – that is just to mention few.

    Holistic Massage Techniques - Holistic Pulsing

    Holistic Pulsing (HP)

    In the 70s the American the circus doctor Trager discovered the benefits of relaxing tense and overworked muscles of the artists through soft shaking and rocking. He might have been inspired by the Breema work which had many followers in those days in the States. Breema is a small village between Afghanistan and Iran. They had no doctors and developed an energy work that combined aspects of Yoga, Acupressure and Touch. Osteopath Tovi Browning developed the technique further through even gentler touch and gave it the name Holistic Pulsing.

    How is the treatment conducted?

    You do not get undressed. You will lay face up, face down or sideways on the massage table. A treatment lasts between app. 45 minutes. The whole body will be set into vibration through gentle touch and swing in the rhythm of the pulse of a fetus (between 120-160 movements per minute).

    For whom is HP suitable?

    Holistic Pulsing is suitable for people: looking to release stress and tension, seek for new impulses and solutions to stuck living situations, wish to reactivate the self-healing powers, pregnant women who wish to deepen the relationship to their unborn child, seek for complimentary treatments in combination with classic medical treatment or who simply wish to increase their self-awareness and continue on personal development.

    What are benefits of HP?

    By working on the physical body, addressing the different organs as well as the subtle bodies of our being, the benefits of HP are limitless. The cells memory of a healed state of being is reinforced. From deep relaxation, reducing the brain waves to a minimum, working on stress, eliminating pain and enhance healing of physical dis-eases,  all the way to dissolving trauma experienced in the past, HP can be the answer. Deciding for HP treatments opens a world of gentle miracles as Tovi Browning described.

    You got some information on two of the many wonderful Holistic Massage Therapies out there helping you to enhance your life by dis-solving stress and other issues stopping you to being happy despite circumstances.

    How it feels and what it does for you cannot be described – it must be felt!

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