• Food for Thought – enhance your life with colors

    Posted on 04/12/2013 by TheHolisticAge in Food For Thought, Inspiration and Motivation, Knowledge.

    Which of the two images in this post do you like better?

    The darker it gets outside the more color you may want to add in your life as it helps you enhance your life and feelings. Colors have their own vibrations and you can to brighten up your surroundings by using different colors. When you choose colors go with the ones that give you an uplifting feeling. You may choose a bright yellow as it may remind you of the warmth of the sun, or a beautiful sky blue reminding you of a warm summer day maybe on the beach. You can choose a lime green that may remind you of fresh grown grass or a combination of different colors.

    It can be a simple small pillow on the couch, colored cups or plates and even wearing colorful clothes or look as colorful pictures. Your intention is to uplift your feeling and so brighten up your day. Already whatever tasks you have on your list look friendlier and seem to be accomplished easier, when you look at happy colors.

    powerincolors-A4-oct-reducedpixels As with everything else in our reality, you choose how you resonate with it. You may have different experiences with the colors and how they work in you.

    Rather to being something written in stone it is an invitation for you to think about the colors you prefer in your life. It is an invitation to observe how aware you are of your choices and maybe you consider adding color to your life to test how it can affect you. Are you ready to set out on a colorful adventure? You may feel good right now – you may be surprised how colors can help you to feel great.

    Here is a list with colors as used also with color healing related to the 7 chakras and some aspects of them – see how it resonates with you, which you feel drawn to and which you feel may help you enhance your life in this moment:

    Red – stimulates, energizes

    Orange – encouraging, revitalizing

    Yellow – detoxifies, aids concentration

    Green – balancing, relaxing

    Blue – calming, encourages sleep

    Indigo – increases intuition

    Violet – aids restful sleep

    Enjoy your life!

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