• Food for Thought – Embrace Life

    Posted on 22/11/2013 by TheHolisticAge in Food For Thought, Knowledge.


    When you hike you will have parts of your path smooth and easy to walk, others will be challenging you to walk uphill and sometimes you may even be required to climb some rocks to move on.

    Life is the longest hike tour you ever experience, where at times it is smooth and joyful walking your path of life and at times it may become a bit difficult walking ahead. Your experience in life then requires from you finding a solution what in that very moment appeals to you being the best decision to take.

    Do you find yourself struggling with it and not knowing what the “right thing to do” is, take a deep breath in and exhale, embrace the situation as it presents itself to you and give it your best heart feeling in that moment. You may fast feel the struggle reduce or even melt away as your heart opens. You prepare the grounds for finding the right solution in that moment to choose, without doubting yourself if it is the right thing.

    If it does not work the first time – do not give up, keep trying – it is worth your while. Be aware that you create what you have, so open the color box – embrace life – embrace yourself – create your life consciously.

    Enjoy your life!

    Food for Thought – Embrace Life

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