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    Enough time – that seems to be one thing we do not have anymore with the flying lifestyle most of us pursue. But are you really short of time?

    “There is one thing I always have in my life and that is time – even when there is no time left.”

    What happens in you when you read that?

    Do you agree, do you feel resistance, do you feel that there is enough time or is your mind busy finding answers why this is false?

    Allow yourself to step back – distance yourself from you busy life – sit down and reflect.

    What are the things you put in your life? Do you use your time for things you love or do you use your time for all the things you have to do?

    I bet with you that when you are busy loving what you do, you already doubled the time you have available!

    What is it, you really really want to do? That you really, really love above everything else? Feel it in your heart.

    And be sure it is what YOU WANT, that is important for YOU, not what is cool in society at the moment, or what your parents wanted for you…

    It can be your family, your job, traveling, knitting, shopping, sports, sitting at the beach, climbing mountains… anything that YOU love having in your life.

    Now, which of the things on your list have you integrated in your life?

    When there is something you really burn for, you make time to pursue it, you make sure that you find enough time to add it in your life.

    Be prepared, you may be surprised finding out that what you want is not what you thought you want!

    Be prepared, you may find out that the life you thought you are not happy with is exactly the life you want to live!

    Practice saying YES to the life you choose and all the time of the world comes to you instantly as you drop into contentment of what is.

    Love and light

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