Individual Sessions are designed to meet your individual needs, no matter if it is working on stress relief, recovery from illness or simply for relaxation.

Classes are arranged on either individual (For Reiki or Encaustic Art) or group basis and are designed to provide you with tools to apply in your daily life for helping yourself and others.

Workshops are organized by theme and can be found on Facebook under events or for themes specifically requested by a group. They aim at opening paths for participants to approach challenges in a new way and may open doors to tools you wish to follow up and develop further for personal growth.


Sessions / Workshops /Classes

Reiki Rock Pulse (or RRP for short) is a technique I developed during the years I was working with Reiki and Holistic Pulsing.
It combines the effects of both these methods: the still workings of the Reiki energy and the vibrational movements of Holistic Pulsing.

Reiki is an energy healing technique for self-healing and healing of others. The Giver acts as a channel for the universal Reiki energy by placing their hands on the body of the person receiving treatment. The position of the hands varies according to what is needed at the time. The most relaxing way to receive Reiki is to lie down, fully clothed, on a massage table.

Holistic Pulsing is a gentle body-oriented technique of relaxation which was developed by osteopath Tovi Browning in the 1970s.

By using rocking and vibrating movements, a wave-like motion is created in the body. The memory of every cell is activated by the rhythm, which is close to that of the foetal heartbeat. In this way the cells find their own way back to their original destiny.

‚ÄčEncaustic Art (Therapy)¬†¬†ancient technique of wax painting has a new face and easy-to-use tools – and it’s so simple that anyone can do it. Not only is it fun, but it’s a wonderful way of putting your everyday stresses aside and taking time out for yourself.