Encaustic art

Encaustic Art

As art form:

Encaustic Art is painting with wax. The technique itself is more than 3.000 years old and was used by the Greeks and Egyptians. The Encaustic Art revived in our modern age and is the simplest painting technique with guaranteed wonderful results for everyone who tries it. It is a regular painting technique used on various materials.

The simplest form is working with the special Encaustic iron on special non absorbing paper. You can create from the first movements wonderful images just experimenting with color and movement.

When you advance in this technique you can work on various materials using also different tools like stylus or hot air.

As therapeutic tool:

Wax painting will also help you learn a great deal about yourself and you’ll be surprised to discover how much of an artist you really are – once you allow yourself to believe it… It enhances your creativity which in return influences how creative you approach situations in your life.

It is especially calming and bringing you in the moment now, which is helpful to let go of worries or troubling thoughts about your past.