• Encaustic Art – painting from the heart

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    R-Card12Encaustic Art is painting with wax. The technique itself is more than 3.000 years old and was used by the Greeks and Egyptians. The Encaustic Art revived in our modern age and is the simplest painting technique with guaranteed wonderful results for everyone who tries it. It is a regular painting technique used on various materials.

    The Encaustic Art I like to talk about is for EVERYBODY! How is that possible?
    The most important aspect that drew my attention to this painting technique was that you always create a great looking picture. Firstly because you paint with wax melted on an iron and through that you create pictures with 3D effect without knowing what you do, and secondly because you need not have any idea in your head what you want to paint.

    The most beautiful results rise from simply playing with movement and colors and through that you let your heart be the artist. While working on the paper you can keep changing the cards until you like what you see. When you feel your picture is ready, you start looking at all the details and messages you receive through the painting you created and you will be surprised how much you can find there.

    This is also where the therapeutic aspects come in. It helps to relax, clear your mind and gives messages to you from within when you seem to be blocked not finding answers. You may interpret the pictures yourself or in cooperation with a therapist.

    It is not only simple, it is also a technique that does not require putting much time in for receiving results. Some pictures are done with 2-3 movements only. You will be totally in the moment of creating and enjoying your time. It is for this reason also a wonderful tool to use spending quality time with your child as you create and interpret your creations together in a very relaxed atmosphere.

    Besides all of that you can use what you create as you can finish your pictures in frames as gifts or finish them into cards to send to loved ones for all kind of occasions. Encaustic Art is after all a painting technique but can be so much more to you. In order to really understand what wonderful tool that is you have to experience it.

    Article by Angela Egwim – published in the first edition of the GAIA FUSION Magazine about Health, Awareness, Creativity and Community, April 2013

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