• Dual World – Black and White

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    Black and White

    Living in the dual world – Black and White

    The beauty of living in a dual world is that it allows us to experience choice and consequences of our choices. It is the environment of growth.

    When coming to this planet we find ourselves in a system of duality. The system of a dual world lets us experience the difference between black and white, good and bad, happy and sad, love and hate and unlimited degrees of shading in between the extremes.

    Without a dual world system we would not have the basis to experience all we do, we would not know happiness without understanding how it feels when we are sad. We will not know when we step into love unless we know how it feels to hate.

    We are given the privilege of experiencing all that in a lifetime through choices we make that result in different emotions and feelings. The more you imprint this in your mind the more you feel empowered, as you begin to understand – YOU create the world you live in, you create the experiences based on your choices.

    Without a dual world that knows black and white, love and hate, we could not choose as there would be nothing to choose from. Rather to pushing away the one or the other, we can choose to open up to the wide range of experience as once we did learn and feel what it means to hate, we can as next step choose to let go of it and step into the experience and feeling of love.

    No matter what your path is in this lifetime, understand it is yet one experience in a whole series of experiences. Understand that you – through the choices you make – are the creator of the experience you live through. When you accept that rather to feeling bad when you do experience a negative emotion, open up to it and learn. Live through it and open up to the understanding that once you know how different emotions make you feel you can choose which one you recall and live through.

    It is always up to you how you feel and what you choose and the more you open up to the whole package out there the bigger your selection becomes of paths you can step onto. Whatever your choice is, it is for you to live through it and experience it in this lifetime.

    Enjoy living the consequences of your choices and if you cannot do that – change what you choose until you find what makes you feel good!

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