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    24. December – Christmas Eve

    One of the many beautiful memories of my childhood was Christmas. 24. December. Christmas Eve was full of magic.
    We would have our Christmas Dinner and excitement grew – wondering if the Christ Child would also appear this year. And after dessert there it was again – the sound of the tiny bell coming from the other room to our ears.

    It was the Christ child we were waiting for each year…

    I would jump up from my chair and run towards the door where I could already see the light of the candles shine through the milky glass. The light was already there so the Christ Child could not be far. The big Christmas tree with angel´s hair, candles and all those wonderful sweets on it stood before me. Christ Child came again and it was magic. Of course there was always the big question what gifts it would have brought but I needed patience as first we were all singing Christmas songs, celebrating the birth of a child that changed the world and where the spirit is still each year reminding us about those things that are important and long lasting.

    Keep the Christmas Magic in your heart…

    It is hope that grows each year around Christmas time that love and peace and harmony expand. Each year it is up to every single one of us walking on this planet to make this hope turn into reality by living up to our own wishes for peace and love.
    The Christ Child is born again in our hearts each and every year as a reminder of the message he brought into this world. Keeping the message of Christmas Magic alive in our hearts throughout the year is my wish for this Christmas for everyone.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year everyone!

    Christmas and New Year

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