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    Best Life possible

    Did you ever ask yourself the question “Do I give the best I have creating my life?”

    Having the best day of your life is when you give the best you can.

    Creating your best life possible is when you decide to take one more step, leaving the box labeled “My Best”.

    Ingredients needed:
    Your fears
    Your courage
    Your commitment

    You are not alone! Everyone has fears. They are in your life for a reason and the moment you begin communicating with them, you can learn that you need not be afraid of your fears. They are not your enemies but holder of messages. Once you use your courage to receiving their message, look at it, work with it, they can leave you. Fears always know when it is time to move on. It is up to you how fast they can travel.

    Creating your best life possible requires your courage and commitment

    Having courage does not mean you have to go out and fight dragons. The courage, that will help you creating the best possible life for yourself is that, which lets you look inside your heart. Your courage lets you look anyway, no matter how afraid you are. It is the key opening the message box your fears carry along for you till you are ready to accept the delivery.

    The third ingredient is commitment. That may seem to be the simplest of the three. Is it really? Did you ever ask yourself how committed you are to make your life the best possible life you can imagine? What are you willing to do to making it happen? Are you ready to step out of the box you labeled as “Safety Box”?
    Can you bring up the courage to change your perceiving of the fear of failure into the excitement of discovery? Can you tap into the field of commitment to yourself, committing to step beyond your belief of what your “best life possible” is? Stepping out of the safety box lets you sense the unlimited field of Abundance.

    You decide what, when and how as it is your life and you are solely responsible for creating it – you are the master of your life.

    Enjoy your life!

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